Sunday, 13 May 2012

Squirrel Trap

I made this Squirrel trap yesterday, as we have had a big problem with these animals recently, and this type of trap tends to sit a little easier with people, rather than seeing someone turn up with rifle in hand to shoot the tree rats, it's also considerably safer than shooting, especially when dealing with the Squirrels in an urban situation.  This type of trap allows the live capture of the quarry which can then be disposed of humanely, out of sight of the client, i will add, that any Grey Squirrel caught in this trap, will not go to waste, the meat, well, i will eat it as it's very tasty, if i have too much Squirrel meat, i will give away it to a couple of friends of mine.

The trap itself is made from heavy gauge aviary wire, the door is made from half inch thick marine ply, so it has a good weight and swings shut quickly, but importantly, stays shut, the block in front of the door is a just an off cut from the manufacture of the door and is used as a stop for the door as well as adding a little rigidity to the front of the trap and either they or their Ferrets will eat it.

The trap is activated by way of a treadle plate in the rear of the cage, which when stepped upon  by the quarry, pulls a finely set trigger wire that releases the door, the trigger mechanism can be seen in the photo to the right.

The trap is big enough to allow the capture of a Squirrel and the trigger when set, is made so a lighter animal wont have the weight to trigger the door release, likewise the trap is small enough that anything larger than a Squirrel wont be able to physically get into the cage to get the bait that is placed behind the treadle plate.

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