Monday, 7 May 2012

Woodie For Dinner

We have had a real influx of Wood Pigeon around here lately, so today i thought it was time to take a couple for my dinner.

The one pictured is the first one i shot this morning with my trusty HW97K in .22, at a range of approx 25 yards in a fairly strong side wind, as always and with any shooting i do, i only shoot for food (except Rats obviously) and i only pull the trigger if i can be 100% certain of a clean shot, regardless of my quarry.

This Woodie i think will get pan fried with a few wild Chives and a bit of Garlic Mustard from up the lane, cant get much fresher or wholesome than that and the left over carcass?, well that's not wasted either, as that goes over the back wall and the Fox that lives out in the back field can have that as a snack, not that there is a great deal of meat left on it now.

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