Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Birch Burl Bowl Pt 3

Further to the post i made way back in April about the Birch Burl Bowl i was working on, well today, i figured it was now dry enough to work on again.

Today's task was to work on the exterior of the bowl to smooth it out & remove the last remnants of the bark that were clinging on for dear life, so using a variety of methods from crook & draw knives, cabinet scrapers, sand paper and most of all elbow grease, the exterior surface slowly started to come around  to more or less where i wanted it to be.

The base of the bowl was taken down to flat with a draw knife and then sanded with a block to retain the base plane and to define the edge between side & base,   I have left some of the inner bark from the Birch on  for a bit of visual interest, but as this gets fine sanded over the next few days, the smaller pieces you can see in the photo, may well disappear.

I still need to spend some serious time with the scrapers on the interior of the bowl, as in this instance i have decided to go with a smooth rather than tooled finish, i have also left a couple of areas in the side walls a bit thick, but only as there are some natural flaws in the wood and i fear if I take them too thin at this stage, they will just crack, so im erring on the side of caution, they can always be taken down a bit thinner in the future if i feel the need to do, but if i take too much now, i cant put it back.

More on the bowls progress in the next few days i hope.

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