Saturday, 16 June 2012

Blade Shape

In the post i made earlier this week about a couple of Ben Orford tools i bought, i noted that the blade shape on the small Spoon Knife was different to the one i purchased from Ben years ago.

In the photo to the the left are the two small Spoon Knives that i now own, the top one is the one i received earlier in the week and the bottom one is the one i bought years ago, if you look at the tip of the blade on the new one, you can clearly see that the curve is a lot more open than the older one and it also doesn't curve as much back by the handle, it also appears to be made from thicker stock, the other difference on the blade that you cant really see that well  in the picture, is the tip of the newer one is a lot wider, whereas the older one has a distinct taper on it.

Ive always found it fascinating and a sign of quality,  how craftsmen such as Ben, will continuously update, upgrade and change their product to make it better based on their own experiences and without a doubt, customer feedback.

This post is not a moan and groan, anything but,  the new knife fit in my carving kit a treat and is an "in between step" between the tighter curve of my older knife and the flat curve of the finishing knife, Ben makes and sells.

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