Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Went for a day out in the woods today with a couple of good mates of mine, had a grand old time, lots of mickey taking and lots of brews, mind you in between drinking tea and taking the mick out of each other, we did do some Bushcraft, i spent some time carving a small spoon from a piece of Hazel and made a start on a set of chop sticks

I also made myself a small Bullroarer from the other half of the Hazel branch i used for the spoon and to make it really bushy, i then made about three to four foot of cordage for it from some nettles, it does just about make a sound when spun, but in reality it's too small and not heavy enough to be really effective, still i can always reduce the cord length and use it as an ember pan for the bow drill i suppose.

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