Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lunch in the woods

Enjoyed a great day out in the woods today with Hugo & Rockmonkey from BCUK, we decided we would make lunch today using foraged wild greens.

So i made us a wild greens omelette, i bought the eggs from home, already whisked up and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, but to the mix we added Jelly Ear fungus, the flower buds from the Elder tree and leaves from the Beech tree as well as Mallow, Nettle and Ground Ivy leaves, all of the extras were cooked off in the pan before the eggs were added, have to admit, it was very very tasty and as far as I'm aware we are all still alive this evening, just a word of warning though, if you cook fresh Jelly Ears, be careful as the spit like crazy when hot oil hits them

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