Thursday, 21 June 2012

Magnesium Fire Starter

A little while ago i purchased some Magnesium rods to use for fire starting, i didn't know that was what i was getting and it was certainly NOT what i ordered, neither did i receive the full quantity of rods that i purchased, but i guess that is one of the perils of EBay.

Of the ones i did receive, i decided i would use one of them to mess around with, so on Wednesday while i was in the woods i scraped some of the Magnesium into a small(ish) pile and then hit it with a spark from a ferro rod, the result of which can be seen on this short video on my You Tube channel , what was interesting is, i could not raise a single spark on the ferro rod supplied with the Magnesium with my knife and had to resort to using the supplied scraper, yet i know the knife i used works superbly well with a regular ferro or the misch metal rods that i normally use.

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