Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Orford's

I received two more Ben Orfords in post yesterday, a right handed, external bevel Indian Crook Knife and a right handed, small Spoon Knife.  Ive been after an external bevel Crook from Ben for a little while, so when these two came up for sale, i grabbed them quick, i didn't particularly need the small Spoon Knife as i have one already, but at the price it was being offered at, it would have been foolish to refuse it.

I'm glad i did take it as well, as upon inspection of the knife, I've noticed that the curve in the blade is not as tight as the curve on my existing small Spoon Knife and the metal used seems to be slightly thicker than is found on my other one, I'll see if i can get a photo later that shows the difference between the two, but that will have to wait until I've finished all my running around for the day, the more open curve of the blade will certainly be useful as a tool that will sit between the tight curve of my existing small Spoon Knife and the nearly flat finishing knives that Ben supplies.


  1. Very nice indeed. I often go on to Ben's site and oogle his knives after my friend Paul introduced them to me. Cant be bothered waiting for one though.

    1. I know what you mean, ive often drooled over some of his bushie knives, might treat myself to one - one day

  2. I own a Woodlander (Yew handle with black liners) with dangler sheath. It is truly amazing in every way! Its my go to knife. I own or have owned a Woodlore, BCNW-01 & Celilo, Skookum, Moras, Blindhorse Bushcrafter, Kellam Puukko, etc. They are all great knives but this one is by far my favorite & the best fit for MY hand! Although a bit pricey, I would recommend them to anyone. It's an investment!