Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Needle Case

Finished off a small project i have had on the back burner for a little while today, it's nothing too elaborate or special, just a bamboo needle case, dead simple to make, but also looks great when finished.

The case, with stopper is 5 inches in length and has a an outside diameter of 3/4" and an inside diameter of approx 5/8", the stopper is piece of well seasoned hazel that I've whittled down so it has a slight shoulder and therefore cannot be pushed too far inside the bamboo and therefore split the sides out, for added security and strength around the rim, I've whipped some artificial sinew in place, the stopper is secured to the main tube with sinew and has a leather thong loop in the top to make it look pretty. Now to make some bone needles to go it, think a trip to the Game processor might be in order , so i can get some Deer leg bones.

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