Monday, 18 June 2012

Willow Basket

I made this simple Willow basket some time back  for a challenge, the basket was a very simple ribbed affair as can be seen from the photograph, if i remember correctly the ribs were made from Aspen, and not long after i made it, the basket  fell apart as i made the classic mistake of using fresh cut green willow wands and of course they shrank as they dried and as a direct result the tightness of the weave, well it disappeared and the weavers basically fell out - live and learn, it's all part of the fun, i don't see it as a fail, i see it as a learning experience, now if i was going to make another, which i just might, I'll use some  properly prepared materials, which of course, i just happen happen to have at the moment.


  1. Show off. No seriously though, a lovely peice of basketry that mate.



    1. Cheers Andy, shame it fell apart in the end, still, live and learn