Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Willow Bowls

I was lucky enough last week to score some lovely pieces of Willow from a good mate of mine, today saw the first of what i hope will be a series of Willow bowls, the first two today came from the same log.

The trough style bowl was the first to be carved out this morning, and the round bowl this afternoon from the other half of the log, i had intended to make another trough style bowl, but noticed some cracking in the timber, so I used the center section of the wood, which was crack free.

All of the rough hollowing was done with my adze, before i moved on to a gouge and Ben Orford crook knife for the more delicate cuts, as the wood is so fresh, i need to let it dry somewhat before i can move on and get these finished off and because of this, i have left  the bowl a little on the thick side to allow for drying and shrinkage.

When i say thick, they are thin enough to allow day light through in places, but this is only because the wood is so wet at the moment, the photo shows the difference between wet wood and dry wood, the wood is more or less the same thickness on the base of the bowl, the transparent bits are the wet wood.

When the bowls have dried out a little and hopefully, not cracked in in the process (I'm keeping them in zip locks to slow the process down a little), i will get the spoon and crook knives out again and take these to the final dimensions that i want and tidy all of the rough edges and cuts up and refine the designs into the final finished products.

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