Friday, 29 June 2012

Willow Spoon

About a week or so ago i got a good sized Willow branch with a great bend in it that was just crying out to be carved into a couple of spoons, so i split it down and got one usable blank, the other half split badly and was useless, but the other half, was usable.

Today, i got the carving knives out and set about carving the good half into a usable spoon, the result is as pictured to he left, unfortunately, i cant use it for cooking as it has a knot right on the edge of the bowl, shame, but i can still use it at shows and events as a demo piece i guess, the handle of the spoon follows the natural curvature of the grain, like i often say, "work with the materials, not against it", so i followed my own advice and let the grain dictate the handle shape, the spoon has been finished off with a tooled rather than sanded finish.

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