Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bent Wood Container

During the week i was paring down some Sycamore for a job i was on and thought id save and use some of the smaller pieces to make a bent wood container.

The container measures approx 8cm wide by 12cm long and when finished will be just under 4cm in height, the base of the container has also been made from sycamore and is held in place with  a smear of wood glue and further strengthened with wooden pegs driven through the sides and into the base.

Once the glue has set, i can set about tidying up the edges and smoothing it all down with a cabinet scraper, then i just have a lid to carve out and fit, also to be made from Sycamore.


  1. Nice one!
    Did you soak or otherwise prepare the wood befor bending?

    1. Thanks Ron, i soaked the wood in a big pot of water for about 24 hours, to do with less risk of splitting out, hot water would have been a better option