Monday, 16 July 2012

Bicycle Inner Tube

One of the products I've used for a long time for all manner of things bushy is old bicycle inner tubes.

I have sections of tube on most of my sheaths, i have sections in and around my fire kits, wrapped around match containers and even hanging off of the D rings on my ruck sacks, why do i have so much of it around?, well it's simply a wonderful material.

It can be used for fire lighting, even if it's soaking wet it will burn, in the past i have used a ferro to ignite Birch shavings and then lit a piece of inner tube from the resulting flame to help get a fire going, of course using a match or lighter is far easier, it's not very eco friendly because of the fumes, but in a pinch it will get a fire going for you.

The tube can also be cut into narrow bands and used as ranger bands, or as we like to call them, rubber bands, for keeping all manner of things together, I've often used the bands to keep small bundles of sticks together for transportation, the uses of an old inner tube really are only limited by your imagination, you can make sheaths & pouches, use it for bands on a slingshot, even use pieces of it in the manufacture of traps, heck, you can even use it as a belt if you needed to, and the best bit about old inner tubes, they are free, just pop along to your local cycle shop and they will have loads of old ones in the bin and as long as you ask, you can normally just help yourself.

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