Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bimble Spoonage

Enjoyed another quality day out today with Hugo & Rockmonkey from BCUK, we decided due to the heat, yes the heat, last week we were wet and cold, this week, it's sweltering hot, to go a haunt of ours in the woods that would not only afford us the shelter of the trees, but hopefully being a fair way up the hill, the chance of a bit of a breeze, thankfully the site choice worked well and it was lovely and cool where we set up for the day

Once we had set up and had a brew, one of many today, it was time for a poke around the woods which yielded some fallen Hazel & Beech for carving, to be honest it was far to hot to go running around, so a very lazy day was had, sitting in our hammocks carving spoons and taking the piss out of each other.

The picture shows some of the spoons we carved, with a Hugo made Little Whittler for scale, on top of these we also made some Spatulas from Beech and Hazel, before we knew it though it was time to head out and when Rockmonkey and i headed home at around 19:30 after pricing a job up at the Lakes, the outside air temperature gauge on my car was reading 28C, so gawd only knows what the temperature was during the heat of the day.

The spoons in the picture are credited as follows, the two on the left are from Rockmonkey, the two in the middle are mine and the two on the right are Hugo's, not a bad carving session, and what could be better than siting in the cool woods carving on what I'm told, was probably the hottest day of the year so far. The hideouis white legs in the second picture are credited to Rockmonkey.


  1. 28C as compared with 40C here, I'd just as soon have gone with you.

    1. Your more than welcome to join us Bill, bring a coat though as it may feel a bit chilly compared to what you are experiencing out there

    2. Thanks for the invitation. I hope that an opportunity to do that will come.