Monday, 30 July 2012

Crusader Mug

I was reading an article the other day about the cups that people take with them when they go out shrafting, they range from 99p tin mugs to very expensive Titanium mugs, there was a bit of disagreement over the practicalities of what people used, but, does it really matter is my question?, what is the difference between someone using a 99p metal mug or someone using a £50.00 Titanium mug, in my eyes - nothing at all, use what want and what you can afford.

So what do i use?, well my go to is a stainless steel, British Army Crusader mug, sure they are not the lightest, but they are tough as old boots and they suit me just fine, the other mug i use quite a bit and not pictured here,  is from my lightweight cook set,  it's a 99p steel mug with a fixed handle from the Pound shop and that also works just fine and dandy and again, suits me just fine.

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