Friday, 27 July 2012

Help For Heroes Sponsored Walk

Well, the walk is done, the weather held for us and we had a good group of people of mixed abilities and ages on the walk in the end.

The weather had promised to be a bit cooler with some rain, which we were really looking forward too, it didn't end up that way though, the early cloud broke and we were left walking over the South Downs in haze & sweltering conditions, thankfully nobody became ill or needed treatment for anything worse than a Nettle Sting.

The walk took five hours to complete, two hours of which were spent stationary (my Garmin GPS is great for stuff like this), so people could take a break, hydrate and catch their breath, even more important for the two asthmatics who came with us to support this more than worthy cause.

Full credit for all of the organisation, writing to land owners to advise them of our presence on their land in advance of the walk, completing risk assessments and all of the coordination involved with something like this, goes to eldest (Simon) who only turned 15 this week, he took all of this on his shoulders entirely of his own accord, with no absolutely no pushing from us, because he wanted to help, i am incredibly proud of him as indeed are the rest of the family, im also very proud of all the young people who turned out today in support of our wounded service personnel.

It's not too late to sponsor Simon if you are feeling generous - a massive thank you goes to all the members of the BCUK forum and others from all walks of life who have already sponsored Simon for this event. 

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