Monday, 9 July 2012

Kelly Kettle

Got my new Kelly Kettle today, I've used these before and have always resisted the urge to get one of my own, but last week, i could resist no longer and bit the bullet, this one came directly from Kelly Kettle in Ireland, i ordered it on Wednesday evening and it arrived mid morning today, superb service, didn't expect it to be here quite that quick.

I couldn't quite decide which model to go for, but in the end i plumped for the Scout model which has a capacity of 1.3 Litres, plenty for brews when out and about with the lads, but equally a good size for when I'm working in a fixed area and want to make brews for customers, the other bonus with one of these is it's a lot cheaper to run in the long run than using a small gas burner and it's a lot more "bushy" of course.

To view the range of Kettles that are available have a look at the Kelly Kettle website

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