Wednesday, 4 July 2012


So what is it that makes a cheap as chips, French, locking knife so popular with the worldwide Bushcraft Community?.

Well for me the answer is simple, it's a superb tool for the money, it's ergonomic, it holds a great edge, it's easy to sharpen, it has an idiot proof locking system on the blade and it's very easy to modify it to suit your own particular needs, as you can see from the photo, I've altered the tip geometry on mine as i didn't particularly get on with the original shape, so ten minutes with a Dremmel sorted that out, i now find it's far better suited to my needs.

I've used mine for all sorts of things from carving to unzipping bunnies, OK, it's not really best suited to game prep as it has a wooden handle and could therefore absorb & trap blood and other fluids, but if you are careful and take care with what you are doing, then it's fine, I've certainly not had a problem with it.

So, lets hear your reasons as to why the Opinel is just so highly rated.


  1. Simple you pretty much nailed it why they are great. Light and sharp as hell. I pretty much have mine with me most times and don't even know it's in my pocket.

  2. I have a number of them and would'nt be without one - i remember being in a chandlery in Norfolk and seeing a range of Opinels for nautical purposes with nylon handles if you are worried about absorbing blood etc....

    ATB Laurie -