Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Thrush's Anvil

Whilst out on a short bimble up the lane on Saturday afternoon, i noticed a movement on a tree stump, looking over i saw a Thrush, which is quite a rare sight around here of late, then in the undergrowth another movement, this time it was fledgling Thrush, superb news, hopefully the Thrush is starting to make a come back, would be great if it is, as this species has been very much on the decline for a number of years.

A few steps up the path, i saw a mass of broken snail shells, where the adult Thrush has been bashing them against a rock to break them open in order to feed on the snail and no doubt to show it's young how to do it also, the photo shows the anvil the bird had been using and the number of smashed snails laying around it, I did hang around for a bit to see if I could watch the Thrush smashing the snails against it's anvil, but, although the bird remained in the hedge, it wasn't going to come back out all the time i was there, so i left it in peace and carried on with my bimble.

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