Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Axe Spoonage

Made a few more spoon blanks yesterday, well it seemed rude not to be outside enjoying the glorious weather, so i grabbed the axe block, the Swedish Carving Axe and few rounds of Cherry, Willow & Birch and set to work, all of these spoon blanks are made entirely with the axe from quarters, ie i split the log into quarters length ways and then used each quarter for a spoon blank, it's a technique i don't use that often, as i prefer to use natural bends and elbows mainly, but it makes a nice change to practice making the blanks from quarters and it's a great technique for shows and demo's as people get to see, large amounts of wood being removed and a spoon appear in fairly quick time before their very eyes.

You can see from the central spoon in the above  picture, the shape of spoon blank i aim to get using the axe and a quarter log, quite a nice shape and very similar to the shape i like to get when using natural bends and crooks, from the top the wood species used are Willow, Birch, Willow and the bottom two are Cherry, they are all in a ziplock bag now awaiting the knife work to tidy them up and move them on to being proper spoons, instead of just blanks.

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