Friday, 10 August 2012

Busy Boy

We held a bit of a working party at the lakes yesterday so we could perform some much needed maintenance, which was mainly just cutting the grass on the paths around the lakes and trimming a few hedges back here and there, so brambles and briars didn't impede people getting to the fishing stations.

As you may well have read in yesterdays post, we had a bit of a boo boo up there, but the good news is, he is on the mend, very sore, but on the mend and there is no permanent damage, other than a few underwear stains.

During the work party one of the hardest workers was eldest, not only did he push a 190CC wheeled strimmer around the lakes, but once he had finished that, he got the long handled hedge trimmer on the go (with my permission) and then went around all of the paths and made sure it was all cut back off of the access ways.  Now i know this might sound biased, but i have never known a lad of his age, work so damned hard, to the point that you have to tell him to take a break, a point that was also mentioned by a couple of the adults who were helping us as well, glad we had him up there with us though, the rate at which he works, meant we were finished well ahead of schedule.

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