Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day In The Woods

Enjoyed a great day in the woods with the two boys today, didn't really do much, just had a great laugh.

We decided today, that for a change and because we could, we would have a fire, we don't do this that often, although we have permission to have a fire whenever we want, we feel it is a privilege, not a right to have one and for a day trip, you dont really need one, especially as we all carry Monkey Boy stoves for day trips, but today, we thought we would have a fire.

So i tasked the two boys with getting a fire sorted, it was going to be a challenge for them as well as it only stopped raining a few hours earlier, so everything was still wet, with tinder, kindling and fuel sorted it was time to fire it up, you can see from our fire patch, how long ago it was we last had a fire here, took a little while to get going, but youngest got it going in the end.

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