Friday, 3 August 2012

Hans Karlsson Dog Leg Gouge

I bought myself another Hans Karlsson gouge the other day and today had the chance to use it for the first time, even with limited use today, i just know, that this tool is going to become a firm favourite when carving cups and bowls.

The gouge i purchased is a bit of an oddity as it's a dog leg gouge,  as you can see from the photo it has a distinct bend in shaft, hence the name "Dog Leg", the advantage of this shape is it enables you to get right into the bottom of carved bowls and cups to flatten out and smooth the very bottom, the shape of the gouge allows the cutting edge to run parallel to the base of the bowl, thereby allowing you to smooth out the inside properly,  whilst this is not impossible to do with a regular gouge, it really is not that easy to do on items that have deep sides or are made on the small side such as a Kuksa.

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