Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hazel Bucksaw

Thought it was about time i made another bucksaw for myself as ive not made one for a while and it's always nice to practice a skillset that i don't use that often.

The saw features a standard 24" blade (peg & raker), which is set into the bottom of the two uprights, the saw cut in which the blade sits has some sisal string tied above the cut in a clove hitch to stop the cut/split travelling any further, the windlass is a piece of Willow that Ive carved into a pleasing shape and this in turn is attached to more sisal string, that has been doubled for additional strength, as the pressure on the string when you turn the windlass to tension the saw blade, is immense.

The cross brace is again a piece of Hazel, but instead of relying on friction and tension to keep it in place against the uprights, it is held using a round mortise, into which the cross bar sits, this makes for a very strong joint, yet it retains a certain elegance in design, ok, being at home, i used an auger to make the hole into which the cross bar sits, but out in the woods, you could just as easily make the hole with a bow and drill.

The saw once set up and tensioned, is remarkably rigid and a joy to use, in fact, the two large logs the saw is resting against, were a single log a short time before the photo was taken and were sawn in two, using the Hazel Bucksaw.

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