Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hello Froggy

Whilst sat out in the garden this afternoon we noticed some movement over by the pond, on the wire netting (anti cat) sat a lovely and quite large frog, which as soon as it saw us, jumped into the water and then hid, but, then, while i was sat by the pond later polishing my hiking boots, i noticed a movement to my left and there on the wire was another frog, and most definitely a different one as it had different markings and colours, not long after this, another Frog (pictured) appeared and then not long after that, another.  We can only assume they have arrived enmasse as the weather has at last taken a turn for the better and where they have been hiding is drying out to the point that it's uninhabitable for them at the moment, not that we mind their visit,  as we all sat there and watched these marvellous creatures for the time they were visible to us.

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