Saturday, 25 August 2012

Help For Heroes Fayre

I attended a Fayre today that had been organised in it's entirety by eldest, he worked everything out, liaised with H4H, his school, local newspapers and radio and even the Highways Agency to ensure the road the venue was located on would be open, as it is currently undergoing a major civil engineering project, on top of all of this he also organised a number of different bands, so there was live music all day as well, he did a sterling job and all bar a couple of moaning minnie's, that you always seem to get at any event that people organise, everybody had a great time and helped raise funds for H4H and the important and valuable work they do.

I took along a few products, spoons, spatulas, bowls, wooden flowers plus a few other bit's and bobs, i didn't sell a great deal, but that wasn't the idea of the day, the main point of the day was to raise funds for H4H and eldest has excelled himself in doing that once again, i don't know the total amount raised, but it's a not unsubstantial amount, me, well i came out with a few more quid than i went in with, so as i see it, everyone is a winner.

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