Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jammy Dippers

Enjoyed a great day out up the woods today with Eldest, Hugo & Rockmonkey, we didn't really do much, a little bit of carving, a lot of mickey taking and a few conversations that are probably best left in the woods.

Hugo did us proud with Chocolate & Blueberry Amercian Muffins when we got to our spot for the day, but around lunch time it was my turn to cook up a bit of lunch, well a sweat treat really in the form of what we today christened Jammy Dippers, as you can see from the pic they are cooked in a pan with a little bit oil, much like you would a bannock, but i make these into smaller pieces so they are little more than a couple of mouthfuls, then when cooked, we covered each piece liberally in home made Blackberry jam - absolutely delicious they are too, i don't know how many i cooked, but i know every single one was demolished fairly quickly.

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