Saturday, 18 August 2012

Side Burning Stove

Thought as it was a nice evening id grab one of the side burning alcohol stoves i made a while back and go have a play outside with it.

I got a short video of it burning, which can be seen on my You Tube channel here, as ive also listed on the video description on You Tube, i have no idea of how much fuel i put in and i have no idea how long it takes to boil two cups of water, to be honest, i don't really care how long it takes to boil water, im out in the bush to enjoy my surroundings and im in no rush, it boils when it boils and that is good enough for me.

Looking at the flames, i forgot to wash the bottle out before making the stove, given time they will settle down to a nice blue colour though, im just going to have to burn the impurities out first, mind you there is a nice cider smell as the stove burns, mainly due to the fact it's made from an aluminium Cider bottle.

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