Friday, 24 August 2012

Ti Mug

After many years, today i joined the ranks of Titanium cookware users, something, I've always resisted until now, not because it's Titanium, but because of the cost basically and for the type of shrafting i do, which isn't Ultralight, i didn't need lightweight cook gear, Aluminium & Steel has always served me well.

So why did i get a Ti mug?, well simple really, the Steel one I've been using in my Light Weight Cook Kit is past it's best, it's starting to show signs of rust where the handle was spot welded onto the cup and, whilst it's still serviceable, it's getting past it's best.

So whilst trawling the Internet trying to find a decent replacement steel mug to go in this particular kit, i stumbled over the Ti mug pictured, it was not as cheap as a Steel mug, but was way cheaper than comparable mugs from other companies such as Snow Peak & MSR, and as i was struggling to find a half decent Steel mug of the same basic design, well it was a no brainer really, a good quality metal mug for my brew kit that should last me for many years to come, my brew kit still packs away inside the mug, but because this one has folding handles, it takes up less space in my bag and is also considerably easier to pack.

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