Thursday, 9 August 2012

When Steel Meets Flesh

Not for the squeamish this one I'm afraid, the picture shows the hand and wrist of a good mate of mine who today, whist doing some Tree Surgery for me at the Lakes had, shall we say, a very narrow escape, or as us Brits like to call it - a bit of a boo boo.

I'm not going to give the guys name out, but all i will say is this, he is probably one of the most safety conscious guys i know and his preparation for the work he did today was faultless, but it just goes to show, that even those amongst us, who are highly trained (as he is) and have the right attitude to safety, can still fall victim, he was incredibly lucky not to receive a life threatening injury when the chainsaw he was using met with the flesh of his left wrist.  Thankfully his injury is not as bad as first feared and he will heal in good time, but it does illustrate the old saying of "Safety Is No Accident" in a fairly graphic manner, please people always be aware of where that sharp tool is going to end up if you miss or it slips and if you are going to use a chainsaw, please, go and get some proper training in the safe use of the tool, many Colleges do short courses now in basic saw use, and whilst they are not cheap to attend, they are cheaper than doing a CS30 & 31 course, the ultimate question has to be "how much is your life worth?".

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  1. When i was a tree surgeon I saw lots of stuff like this.

    I remember one fine day standing at the bottome of a hug Lime tree and felt it starting to rain. Of course it wa actually blood from the plonker who has cut himself to the forearm bone with his silky saw. Fun day trying to get him out of a tree 20m up