Sunday, 19 August 2012

Whittling Stick

Bit of a variation on the Try Stick this one, the major difference being, it's just a length of wood into which you carve all manner of random things, ie: Whittling, so rather than have a Mors Try Stick, in this instance you have a "Kep's Whittling Stick".

On this particular stick, ive carved from the bottom up, a ball, a wide V spiral that then blends into a tight spiral that is straight cut on one side and tapered on the other, followed by another ball, then a fixed ring, next to this is a small facet, then a concave spindle and a convex spindle, then two diamonds with a dividing ring section, then three shallow rings, followed by a square section, then what i call the "mushroom caps" and lastly a simple stick chicken set into the top, not pictured is the loop of cordage made from a Bramble that the stick can be suspended by.

So the point of this stick?, well, it does teach you patience and fine carving skills, especially when it comes to carving a spiral and making the very small cuts needed to carve a ball into a stick or to smooth off the narrow area between the rings, you dont need any special tools either, all of the carving on this stick was done with a Victorinox Alox Farmer, the stick is also a great boredom beater and i suppose when it's complete, it's also fairly decorative too.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what you carve into the Whittling Stick, it's your stick, let your imagination run riot and see what happens

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