Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An Old Favourite

This is one of the first axes i ever owned, it's cost me less than a tenner from the local DIY shop, when i first got it, the helve was coated in a horrible varnish and the head was covered, all bar the cutting the edge, with a god awful black paint finish. So out came the wire wool and a bit, ok a lot of elbow grease and all of the varnish and paint was removed to reveal the natural beauty of the Hickory & Steel underneath all of that factory added junk.

I used to use this tool for all of my axe work, be that carving or splitting wood, really i should go back and use it more as it shows people that you don't 'need' a £75.00 Gransfors to produce great work with an axe, in fact, i might just take this one with me this weekend  to a small local show I'm doing some demo's at.

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