Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Home Made Crook/Spoon Knife

Well, semi home made, the blade is from a Mora 163 that was kindly  gifted to me by Bardster on BCUK.

The handle is from Ash and has been shaped using one of my draw knives to give an octagonal shape, the handle is also tapered along it's length with the narrower end being at the blade end, although this is not that apparent in the photo, the new handle has an average diameter of just under an inch, with a length of 9 inches, total length including the blade is approx twelve inches in length,  once the epoxy in the handle had set hard, everything was given a light rub down with a bit of steel wool and then given a liberal coating of Linseed oil to help protect it.

The blade itself has been sharpened on the left hand edge only, being as I'm right handed, the original factory bevel has been removed using 600 grit wet & dry paper, if you have not removed the bevel on your Mora spoon knife, do it, as it turns a mediocre tool into a pretty good tool and certainly one that is good enough to carve green wood with. 

The other thing i have done to the blade is to dull the right hand cutting edge as i will be using this area to help guide the blade as it cuts, i still need to grind this edge down a little further, i also need to round off the factory standard square end to the blade.

So why have i gone to all of this trouble, well it's pretty easy really, the thicker handle is far more comfortable to use, but also being longer i can apply more torque to the blade meaning a more efficient cut, i can also use the knife double handed when hollowing out small bowls and Kuksa's, the Mora 163 blade was chosen purely because of it's shape, the 162 & 164, to my mind just had too tight a radius on the blade for the purposes to which i intend to apply this knife.


  1. I'm not sure that I follow you on removing the factory bevel and I can't see it well enough in the photos. Was there a factory double bevel? Did you change the bevel angle?


    1. Exactly that Bill, these come with an awful grind/bevel on them and with just a few minutes work to remove it and smooth out the back face of the blade, it turns it into a good usable tool