Monday, 10 September 2012

Spoon Blanks

Was talking with a good mate of mine this morning when he popped round home, whilst we were chatting, i showed him how i axe out spoon blanks with the axe and he commented that i should sell spoon blanks, as there has to be people out there, who want to get into spoon carving, but don't really  know where to start, and by having a roughed out blank, it would A) give people a good starting point,  as the hard work has been done, B) they could use the blank as a pattern for future spoons, C) it would allow people who enjoy carving, but have difficulty in obtaining raw materials, to continue carving using a variety of different woods and D) give people the opportunity to carve woods they may have no access to in their area.

This is something i had been thinking about doing myself and the conversation this morning has more or less confirmed that i should at the very least give it a try, I'm thinking i could offer the blanks at a stage of manufacture similar to those in the photo, ie with just the axe work done, thereby leaving the finer work and refining to the carver, i could even leave the front of the bowl square, so people can decide for themselves the shape the spoon will be, yep, i think i will go and make a few blanks and see what happens - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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