Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spoon Carving Demo's

Spent a really enjoyable day today supporting one of our local conservation groups, they hold an event each year on part of the Estate, so people can see and speak with the landowner and organising committee and learn first hand the plans for the coming year, but, they also have a plethora of different activities for the public to try and watch, today there was everything from Apple Pressing to Corn Dollies to Face Painting, i was there today primarily demonstrating spoon carving with the axe, and had a really great time, interacting with the public and answering their questions on the carving i was doing and some of the other skills and crafts i demonstrate, but at the same time, also trying convey the important message of retaining our heritage and skills and then, importantly,  passing this knowledge to the next generation, so the it's not lost forever.

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