Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spoon Rack

Made a simple spoon rack today, the rack is nothing new, many people have made spoon racks and in many different guises too, the one i made today only holds three spoons and was made to iron out any problems that might arise when it comes to making a bigger and better one.

This very simple rack has a loop of Hazel that acts as a suspenion point, the rack itself is a piece of well seasoned sycamore, into which ive cut five holes, two small ones for the suspension system and three larger ones for the spoons themselves, i made the holes slightly oversize so the spoons can be put in and out of the rack without damaging the handles, i looked at the more traditional method of cutting a long slot in the rack, but decided against it as i think using straight holes, gives more options should we wish to alter the spoons that are kept in the rack.

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