Thursday, 20 September 2012

Trap Practice - Dead Fall

While we were out in the woods yesterday we thought we would spend some time practicing making simple traps, this particular one i much prefer over the Paiute or Figure 4 for a couple of reasons, it's easier to make, very easy to set up, it's more stable and i find the sticks used in its construction, rarely if ever hinder the the log or rock that's used as the actual dead fall as they just flick out of the way.

It works on the same principle as the Figure 4 & Paiute, but unlike the Fig 4 for instance, the trigger stick on this trap also has gravity working with it as it falls down and not to the side, as per any trap of this sort the trigger can be set very lightly so the slightest movement will set it off, if you study the photo you can see how it works, it's elegantly simple, just how i like it. 

I will add a footnote to this post and say that the use of dead fall traps in the UK is illegal and may only be used in a true survival situation, but you are allowed to practice the skill set, it goes without saying that the trap we made today, was disassembled and destroyed before we left.

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