Thursday, 20 September 2012

Trap Practice - Toggle Snare

One of the other traps we practiced whilst up the woods yesterday was the Toggle Snare, the thing i like about this trap, is you don't have to really carve anything in it's manufacture, all of the component parts in this trap, with the exception of the nylon cord, were made using dead wood that was either dead standing, or as here, dead and laying on the ground.

This trap relies on a bent sapling to which the end of the cord is tied, the other end being tied to a toggle, this toggle keeps a bait bar in place and the snare, or even a small net is placed under or over the bait stick, as soon as an animal or bird touches the bait stick, the toggle is released and the stored energy in the bent sapling releases, pulling the snare tight and at the same time trapping your meal and raising it out of the way of ground based predators/scavengers. 

This is a great trap to put over small game trails and the like or in an area where birds such as Pigeons are regularly seen settling on the ground, the bait stick can be made longer, so the trigger mechanism is further away from the trail,  and the bait stick along with the snare/net can be covered with sticks or grass to conceal them, the stick, if you choose it wisely, can be left proud with a suitable bait on it, but don't cover the bait stick with too much camouflage, as it will hinder the snare/net and possibly allow your meal to escape.

We were only practicing the skill set today and the only quarry that was caught in the trap was a stick, it goes without saying that the trap was disassembled and destroyed before we left.

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