Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spoon Blanks

Following the post below about making spoons as part of an event in support of one of our local Conservations groups, i was asked if i could post a photo of the blanks i made, so here are just a few of the blanks i made on Sunday, the only exceptions being the two darker blanks on the top, as these were made about a week ago, even so this still not all of the blanks made, as at least four were refined on the day and a couple were given away, not a bad pile for a couple of hours work though.

I am now also selling a few pre carved spoon blanks, these are priced at £ 9.95/each including UK delivery & Paypal fees, the blanks are as seen in the above photo, you will still need to refine the shape and hollow the bowl out, all of the blanks are carved using an axe and therefore show a number of tool marks on the surface of the spoon, please contact me for further details.

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