Friday, 21 September 2012


The traditional Withie is a form of natural cordage not often seen in use these days, mainly due, i think to our reliance on nylon cordage and the ease of it's use, and because of this the use of Withies is, from what i have experienced, sadly in decline. I'm as much to blame, as i too use my fair share of nylon cord to lash poles together or to tie a bundle of Hazel rods up for transport, but I'm going to make a conscious effort during the forthcoming coppice season to use Withies and other forms of natural bindings in preference to nylon.  Withies are so incredibly easy to make, are very strong, don't damage the tree if harvested properly and unlike nylon cord, if you drop one or lose it, it really doesn't matter, as it will just rot away over time, whereas nylon will just sit there forever.


  1. To encourage others you should do a tutorial mate. I would love to read that.