Thursday, 4 October 2012

Foraging Bag

Made myself a couple of foraging bags, this particular one is made from the leg of an old pair of trousers that i decided to turn into shorts, but rather than waste the off cuts, i just put them to one side, knowing that a use for them would eventually present itself.

I use the bag and others like it when I'm picking berries mainly, the bag hangs round your neck, almost like a horses nose bag i guess, but it means that both hands are free to collect fruits and berries and/or move brambles out of the way to make foraging easier. It's an incredibly simple concept, they weigh next to nothing and fold down very small, so take no space in your pack or pocket, of course they are not just limited to being used for foraging, they are, as with many things, only limited in their uses by your imagination.

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