Friday, 5 October 2012

Gomtaro 300

Got me another saw the other day, this time a Silky Gomtaro 300mm, why did i need another saw, well having seen one of these beasts in action, it made perfect sense.

It's lighter and takes less space in a pack than a traditional Buck Saw, not that I'm no longer going to use my Buck saws, it all depends what I'm doing and where, sometimes i may be working a good distance from where i leave the car, therefore, carrying this means less weight on my back and more space in my pack, of course i will still use the Laplanders i have, but for some jobs, you just need the cutting ability that this saw provides.


  1. great choice in your new saw! I use these everyday just watch you dont snap the tip, they can sometimes get caught on the push stroke.

  2. Cheers Simon, been wanting one of these for a while, then saw RockMonkey use one up the woods and that sealed the deal, incredible bits of kit, thanks for the heads up on the tip