Wednesday, 10 October 2012


After getting back from a trip to Aldershot today, i grabbed my bag and went for a short bimble up the lane on a foraging trip, i was only after one berry, that being the Haw, the fruit of the Hawthorn Tree, although i did partake of some of the gorgeous Blackberries that were to be found in the hedgerow.

In the hour or so i was out i got myself enough Haws to make two bottles of  Hawthorn Gin, a few people have advised me not to bother as it tastes horrible apparently, but, i want to to try it for myself, after all, everyones taste is different for a start, some of the references I've been reading about Hawthorn Gin, describe the taste to be something like aniseed, whilst others liken it to a well know cough syrup, regardless, it's an experiment that i want to try for myself.

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