Monday, 15 October 2012

Leuku Re Handle - Again

Back in 2011 i made a series of posts that i called 'Project Leuku' , the six posts followed the build of a Leuku that was sent to me by my good mate Jon out in Norway, well, as sods law dictates the Elm handle i put on the Leuku didn't really work that well, so a little time ago i removed it with a view to re handling the Leuku - again.

Today, i eventually got around to making a start on it, the new handle is made from two pieces of Walnut with a red felt liner in between the two pieces of wood for effect, the handle also has a brass bolster, which i had to make first from a piece of brass sheet that was kindly supplied by my mate Hugo and the Leuku will, when finished, also feature a brass pommel,   now it's all clamped up and waiting for the epoxy to dry, hopefully tomorrow, i will be able to make a start on shaping the handle per the outline in  the photo.

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