Monday, 1 October 2012

Silky Saw - Pocket Boy 170

When we were at the Woodfair a few weeks back, one of the items on my, it has to be said, extensive, shopping list was a Silky Saw, well, two Silky Saws to be exact, one was a Pocket Boy, the other a 300mm Gomtaro, in the end i picked up the Pocket Boy at the show as i refused to pay the asking price for the Gomtaro, as i knew i could get it cheaper elsewhere, even with delivery.

As many many people know, Silky Saws really are legendary in their cutting abilities and rightly so, these things just eat wood, the Bushcraft community has a great following for the Bahco Laplander and indeed, i own three myself, but you cant compare a Silky to a Laplander, there simply is, no comparison, both saws are superb pieces of kit, but the old saying of "you pay for what you get" really does apply here, sure i can buy two Laplanders for one Silky, but before people start bemoaning costs, have a look at the Silky F-180, it's a similar sized saw to the Laplander, and costs less than twenty quid, you still get a locking folding saw, but with all that Silky cutting technology built in to it, and unlike a Laplander, a replacement blade doesnt cost more than the complete saw does.

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