Friday, 2 November 2012

Ash Burr Bowl

Back in January this year i was gifted a huge Ash Burr see this thread i made a bit of a start on working it back in March when i did nothing more than remove a slice from the base of the Burr to make it stand flat.

Then in August this year i decided to make a proper start on the Burr and attacked it with the Adze and thankfully just under the surface, the Burr was still moist, the grain went every which way and it was harder than concrete to work, i even managed to move the head on my Hans Karlsson adze up the shaft by a few mm when i was chopping away at the wood, gives you an idea as to the gnarly wood involved here, i should had realised a bit sooner what i was up against, as normally with the adze, wood chips fly in all directions, with this Burr, it just held on and very few chips flew off, the picture above shows the result of an hours work with adze and then gouge.

Today i worked some more on the Bowl, id kept it stored in the shed since the last time i had worked on it and every time i went down there, the thing just kept catching my eye, so today i attacked it - big time.

The axe, adze and gouges all came out of the arsenal and with a combination of chopping and slicing, i eventually, got down to a decent depth, but it was seriously hard work going because of the twisted gnarly grain within the piece, still, when it 'eventually' gets finished the grain should look spectacular and all the problems that were faced in the bowls manufacture will just fade from memory.

Ive left the walls and base deliberately thick at the moment while it dries and will take the wall thickness down to the pencil line when it's dried out enough to allow me to continue with the final shaping and finishing, for now though, im quite happy to let this one dry out for a while

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