Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ash Spoons

Two spoons made from Ash, not the easiest of woods to work for making spoons, even when working it green,  you need to be a tad more careful than usual as the grain is unforgiving, but if you persevere it works out well and the effort is worth it because of the grain patterns Ash produces.

The upper most spoon in the photo is a serving spoon and the lower one can be used either as a big eating spoon or as a cooking or serving spoon in it's own right.


  1. Lovely grain! So, you carve them green - any issues with cracking/splitting as they dry?

    1. No issues at all, just need to make sure all of the pith and central growth rings have been removed.

  2. I love carving Ash as although it's tough and one of the driest woods even when freshly cut, I find it easier to get a nice finish on and the grain patterns, as you say, are lovely. No issues with splitting either.