Tuesday, 6 November 2012

By Product

One of the by products of all the carving and green wood working i do, is wood chip and shavings, by the sack load.

So what do i do with all this wood chip?, well, the smaller stuff gets used as a mulch on the garden, not only does it help retain moisture in the soil, but it also rots down and feeds the soil, it also helps to keep the neighbours cats from crapping all over the garden as well.

All of my large Ash shavings i keep and bag up to use as kindling with my Kelly Kettle, all of my offcuts go for fire wood and the shavings and big chips, like those produced by axe & adze work, i bag up and give away to people who keep Chickens, as the chip helps reduce the smell in the Chicken runs and also helps to absorb some of the mud and moisture, of course when it's use in the run is over, it gets bagged up again and passed on for free for people to use as manure in the garden.

What i cant give away locally, i put on places such as Freecycle and it normally goes within a day or two, I've had people use it for tinder and kindling in Chimnea's and Ranges, garden mulch, for use in animal runs and even one lady who took a couple of sack fulls to use in a sensory garden, the best bit is of course, everything gets used and nothing goes to waste.

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