Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Crack, Bang

Enjoyed a superb bimble up on the South Downs and through the woods today with Rockmonkey, unfortunately our other mucker Hugo was indisposed and couldn't make it (you were missed mate).

During the morning and out of nowhere, a seriously strong and gusty wind appeared and as the day went on, the gusts just got stronger and stronger, it wasn't long before we could hear branches cracking around us and from the other side of the valley we heard a good sized tree crack and fall, then on our side of the valley we heard a huge CRACK not that far away, but far enough that we couldn't see it, then on the way out of the woods, (we decided to leave as there were bits of trees starting to fall around us), we found this old beech that had very recently fallen and i know this sounds daft, but you could smell it had recently fallen, looking at the resulting damage to the smaller trees that had been smashed by the Beech as it fell, you could see it was very recent.

It's always a shame to see a majestic old tree like this fall, but as the trees life ends, another cycle of life begins, as the tree slowly rots over time and insects and fungi return the tree to nature, well not all of it of course ,as im hoping to get up there at some point and save some of the timber for carving and other projects.


  1. Hey Kep, I saw on the news today that you guys were getting slammed by a nasty storm over there on your side of the pond, with more bad weather to come this weekend. I hope you and your family are doing OK. I'll put ya'll in my prayers.


  2. Hi Stan, the storm was basically just a regular winter storm, nothing that we have not seen before, lots of rain & flooding down West and some gale force winds, as i type this the wind has stopped and the sun is out - calm before next wave comes through.

    Thanks for your concern though - appreciate it

  3. Grab that Ganoderma bracket Mark, its quality tinder, and was what decayed the Beech, so should be some punk wood about too fella.

    1. We are going back up that way this week with Silky saw in hand to get that bracket and some "supplies"